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enta is your complete solution...

Accelerate Your Marketing Potential

The enta Ticketing and CRM Solution provides your organisation with the ultimate marketing tool. Efficient marketers know the most important thing to your organisation is your customers. Whether its first-time users or loyal subscribers, enta's high-powered marketing module gives you the ability to capture and utilise valuable customer information. The enta marketing module ensures your customers engage with your message and offerings while saving your organisation both time and money.

Select Features of enta Marketing:
  • Ability to send bulk correspondence and directly target specific customers.
  • Ability to manage the layout and content of all correspondence sent from enta Marketing.
  • Ability to launch targeted marketing or advertising campaigns directly from your enta database.
  • Measure the effectiveness of each campaign independently.
  • Measure data facilitated by enta Marketing, which will give you a true understanding of who is actually attending your events and performances.
  • Extensive search and reporting capabilities based on a powerful search engine. Search for a customer by name, event, or a specified date or time range.
  • Insert coupons and sell advertising directly on print-at-home tickets.
By utilising enta's integrated customer management tools, your organisation can:
  • Up-sell events and merchandise.
  • Offer special discounts for upcoming events.
  • Send renewal reminders to loyal members and subscribers.
  • Design and execute customer targeted campaigns.
  • Recommend other offerings which match your customer's previous purchases and or their genre preferences.
Marketing Campaigns
  • Targeted marketing campaigns are made easy and effective when using enta . Specific consumer behaviour information can be accessed from enta to enable highly effective marketing campaigns. You can also measure the effectiveness of particular strategies which will enhance future campaigns and marketing efforts.
  • The Marketing module generates lists according to selection criterion, such as previously booked events, memberships, event interest codes, demographics and more. These lists can be used directly within enta or exported in various formats including Excel, Word and Access.
  • enta has two options for EDMs; an inbuilt solution in addition to integration with Lyris.
Email Marketing:
  • Using the inbuilt EDM, emails can be sent directly from the Marketing module with campaigns set up to track responses and ticket sales;
  • Additional email marketing functionality is provided by an integration with Lyris HQ which extends enta's features by tracking and reporting what happens to emails once they are sent; including delivery success rates, open rates, click-throughs etc. in addition to providing powerful tools for email creation, automation and analytics.


enta is fully-integrated solution which provides you with the ability to see your patron's / customer's entire history with your organisation clearly and concisely. enta's rich CRM functionality will enable you to have a meaningful understanding of your patrons which will enhance your marketing strategies and activities.

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Customer Service

Customer records contain all data about the selected customer. No more switching screens or sections. From the quick look of the customer summary to the ability to show customer information graphically, everything about a customer is right at your fingertips.

enta provides the tools to help you provide excellent customer service. You will be able to:

  • record your communications with customers through diary notes, collation of booking history, invitations, etc. so that you can better serve your customers;
  • record entries for future actions based on customer interactions which can be assigned to staff and followed-up appropriately;
  • using the Lyris integration, send triggered emails to automatically ensure your customers stay informed. For example, reminder emails can be sent to customers who have booked for upcoming performances or follow up emails can be sent to say "thank you" while providing the opportunity to receive feedback of their experience.
Consumer Behaviour

A key requirement for improved marketing campaigns is to understand the consumer behaviour of your customers.entaenables you to obtain a clear understanding of the purchasing behaviour of your customers so that you can provide more effective and targeted marketing for events, performances and services which best suit their needs.

  • enta allows for the recording, storing, collation, interrogation and use of rich amounts of customer information. This includes demographics, interests, preferences of genre, booking history, their relationship with you and much more.
  • Customer's interests can be automatically captured based on purchases, or from website surveys.
  • Based on the consumer behaviour information collected in enta, recommendations can be made to the customer for other shows, events or performances which they may like to attend.
Customer Data

enta stores an exhaustive and rich amount of customer data which can be readily accessed from database to enable targeted marketing strategies. You can access important information about your Patrons – as customers, VIPs, subscribers, members, donors, sponsors, board members, staff, including:

  • Demographical information,
  • Booking history,
  • Genre preferences,
  • Membership details,
  • Special requirements,
  • Donation history,
  • Diary notes,
  • Special interests,
  • Correspondence history,
  • Special needs,
  • Memberships,
  • Subscriptions,
  • Patron categories,
  • Account details.

There are many ways in which you can search for a customer record such as:

  • Patron ID,
  • Name,
  • Post code,
  • Booking number,
  • Credit card number,
  • Phone number,
  • Company number and or,
  • E-mail address.

Customers can be linked together, such as:

  • School,
  • Workplace,
  • Family,
  • Friend based accounts,
  • Agent or,
  • Affiliate accounts.

Patrons can be added to the database without purchasing tickets. Filters can also be applied to protect patrons who do not wish to be contacted by you.

Data Cleansing
  • enta has its own de-duplication module helps you maintain the health and integrity of your patron database for marketing and reporting accuracy.
  • enta also has an integration with QAS, an address management solution providing accurate, real time address validation.


There are so many features to the enta solution - putting you in control...

From the ease of creating all your events through to the fine-grained control of pricing, from selling tickets using "fast-sales" to more involved subscriptions, from personal attention at the Box Office to the "hands-off" Kiosks and Print-at-Home solutions.

The enta Ticketing Solution gives box office manages the power to deliver fast, efficient ticket sales through multiple sales channels. box office personnel can sell single tickets, subscriptions, packages, memberships and merchandise with just a few clicks.

The enta Ticketing Solution offers box office personnel options when selling seats, for example, by using enta's html graphical seat plan or by utilising enta's best available seat order. Because enta is delivered on a Microsoft platform with its familiar Windows™ interface, box office managers will find it easy and quick to train box office personnel.

enta allows box office managers to customise different levels of access for all box office personnel to ensure security for your organisation. Box office managers can control seller access by limiting them to a single event or permitting multiple event sales.

Box office sales image


enta provides complete online marketing and ticket management, an interface with social media, access to memberships, packages, merchandise and so much more.

With the enta Ticketing and CRM Solution, you have the flexibility to serve your customers 24/7, by using entaConnect. enta allows you to accelerate the growth of your organisation through your existing website. entaConnect pages are fully responsive so your customers can effectively use any device they wish to access your site. As you update events in enta, entaConnect updates your website in real-time, substituting the need for costly and time-consuming website maintenance. The interface provides you with total control over your internet sales. Plus, all funds go directly to your bank account.

Since every entaConnect customer has unique requirements, the interface is designed to accommodate your organisation's needs. enta leaves all the decision making to you. entaConnect delivers the core features of enta directly to your website. You choose the components you require to enable your customers to book online but retain the option to change the order, layout, and terminology at any stage of the sales process. entaConnect allows you to retain the "look feel" of your existing website.

During an enta implementation your organisation will be provided with your own customised booking pages integrating with your existing website.

Here are just a couple of our Australian success stories - you may have visited these, and if not you should take a look at their websites to check out what's on and how enta is used to sell tickets online. Click the images to visit our customers...

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Qpac phone image
Qpac PaH image
Mobile Ticketing

With the continuing reliance on mobile technology, enta has enabled a mobile optimised web experience to ensure your customers can buy tickets from their phones and tablet devices wherever they are. With a responsive design the web pages can adjust to the size of the device being used or a dedicated mobile site can be created.

As a part of an enta implementation your organisation will be provided with your own mobile optimised site.

E-Ticketing and Print-@-Home Ticketing

After you sell your tickets online, how will your customers collect their tickets? Ideally, what an e-ticket system will accomplish is to ease the burden of a human fulfilling ticket orders and save you money. enta gives you the ability to sell tickets easily online and allow the patron to print their own tickets. E-Ticketing will free up your staff for other important tasks at the same reduce you staffing costs. The easy to use e-commence functionality will also save printing costs, streamline your box office processes, and provide you with detailed access reporting anytime you need it.

When combined with an Access Control solution the benefits of Print-at-Home can make a big difference to the efficiencies of your organisation. A few key advantages of using the enta Print-at-Home technology include:

  • Print-at-home template designed to your custom requirements.
  • Ability to sell ad space and promote future events on print-at-home tickets.
  • Reduce ticket printing, distribution and labour costs.
  • Replace the counting of tickets with up to the minute totals.
  • Track admission patterns.
  • Catch invalid tickets at the entrance point.

POS – Tablet and Kiosk

enta POS/Kiosk enables you to provide a fast sales option for ticket or merchandise sales or to collect pre-booked tickets at alternate locations to the box office. enta can provide a POS/Kiosk solution for times when a full solution is not required. The enta POS allows for the sale of tickets and other items from a remote locations, such as a candy bar, outlets or shop front. The Kiosk solution can be used to allow customers to collect pre-purchased tickets and/or buy tickets with a credit card without queuing at the box office.

POS Image
POS Image


enta understands that fundraising can be an important part of any organisation's business, as such, enta has developed a fundraising and donations solution which enables you to plan, implement and evaluate your fundraising activities.


enta has philanthropic functionality that will enable your organisation to take the first time attendee to become a member, subscriber and then as a donor. Donation history can be viewed through the CRM record, where all details relating to past and existing donations can be seen.

Fundraising Image

enta will enable you to procure and track donations from patrons and organisations who wish to support your endeavours. With enta , you will be able to view a donor's (or potential donor's) entire relationship with your organisation including contributions, tickets, membership, subscriptions, event attendance history and interests, demographic information, associations and more. You can accept donations through your box office, call centre or even online with the flexibility of fixed or variable values - patrons can even donate their change easily through the booking process.


The enta solution will enable you set up, implement, record and manage your fundraising campaigns. It will enable you to identify, track and market effectively to prospective donors, as well as your current supporters. Here is an overview of the functionality to enable you to run successful campaigns:

  • Set up an infinite number of campaigns, funds, appeals, donor levels and memberships;
  • Customise the campaign descriptions which will ensure proper use and tracking of contributions;
  • Manage fundraising campaigns and collate the results directly into your bank account;
  • Record and manage donations from payment processing through to the financial reporting;
  • Promote and accept donations online and in the box office;
  • Offer and receive donations from patrons who wish to donate at the time of purchasing;
  • Send acknowledgement of donations and memberships;
  • Track your past, present and potential donors;
  • Create pledge payment schedules with optional direct debit;
  • Create accurate donor listings for your organisations publications other programs;
  • Using your organisation's current patron, membership and subscriber database, you can enhance and increase your fundraising campaigns and contribution levels;
  • Set up and maintain multiple donation categories such as Gold, Silver, Bronze, 'Friend of the Organisation' etc.;
  • Expiration dates are flexible and can be used to track which donors are up for renewal;
  • Record the success of the campaigns.


Many organisations offer loyal, repeat patrons significant discounts for buying season tickets to related events. The enta Subscription functionality makes it quick and easy to administer and maintain this type of ticketing inventory year after year; all while integrating seamlessly with regular sales and standard performance plans. Access to subscription sales and functionality can be granted to all users or strictly controlled according to your organisation's requirements.

enta's advanced functionality allows you to set up combinations of performances into special series - fixed, variable, or flexible. Using this feature, selecting a series becomes a streamlined task where tickets are chosen automatically without the need for visiting individual performances. Your system can be instructed either to allocate your customer the same seats at all performances, to find the best available seats at each performance, or to allow the customer to choose specific seating.

The Subscription module becomes invaluable over the long-term because of its ability to recall and reallocate seats automatically to subscribers as an automated renewal. This is of great benefit for regular cycles of events with repeat patrons wanting to sit in the same seats year after year. Alternatively, customers with changing requirements can also be accommodated within the renewals process.

Special priced deals can be created for subscriptions within regular enta price tables. This means the discounted rate can then be applied automatically to the whole package during a sale, instead of having to process multiple transactions.

Subscriptions Image


enta has the ability to package together tickets along with other items You will be able to use the solution to package events, merchandise and other items such as car parking or hotels with ease.

This provides a great way to "upsell" extra products and services, delivering a better experience for your customers while increasing your sales. For example, you could package a ticket with a programme, t-shirt, parking, audio device or even a hotel room.

enta's package functionality can be fixed or variable. This means you can create a package with items that are mandatory for the customer to purchase, or you can have packages where the customer gets to choose certain items. Packages can even be offered differently at separate sales locations.

Package Image


Membership management is built into enta and tied to all CRM records, venues, and performances. The enta Ticketing Solution allows for an unlimited amount of memberships to manage your customer base.

You will be able to promote special offers to members online and at your box office.

Special offers include:

  • Members only on-sales and pre sales,
  • Members only events,
  • Members only pricing and discounts,
  • Members only seat allocations.

Among the items you can track for each member of your organisation:

  • Membership Start Date,
  • Membership Renewal Date,
  • Membership Type,
  • Membership Origins,
  • Contact Information Date,
  • Notes about the Member,
  • Online Membership Management.
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Use enta's built-in access control to scan and validate tickets with an iPhone/iPod app or other selected scanners.

enta provides two options of Access Control solutions, an-built system OR the enhanced functionality provided by SKIDATA

enta Access Control

enta's Access Control tools will provide you with fast and accurate ticket validation, enabling your customers to enter your venue with their Print-at-Home ticket or hard ticket.

As the customers are entering the venue, enta's Access Control management tools will track real-time attendance and validation for general admission, timed entry or reserved seating events all while catching fraudulent tickets at the gate.

A Few Key Features of enta's Access Control functionality:

  • Varity of scanner hardware options including iPod/iPhone solution and ruggedized Dolphin scanners.
  • Scan barcodes in either 1D or 2D.
  • Scanned data is immediately available to supervisors at the venue or off-site.
  • Utilise ticket sales reports and attendance report data to create future marketing programs.
  • Catch fraudulent tickets before they cause problems for customers in your venue.
  • enta's Access Control will work with any type of performance: general admission, reserved seating, or timed admission.
  • Ticket limitations can be set for the barcode to be valid for a single use or it can be permitted for multiple scans.
SKIDATA Access Control

Working closely with our partner SKIDATA, enta can provide a sophisticated and integrated total Access Control solution for your organisation.

The SKIDATA solution provides advanced functionality for all of your Access Control requirements, from handheld scanners through to turnstiles and car park solutions. The solution is in use from small venues through to the largest stadiums and is regarded as one of the best in the business - and that is why we are proud to integrate with SKIDATA.

If you are after an Access Control solution that provides advanced features and is the highest quality then please discuss the SKIDATA solution with us.

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With enta your organisation will have complete control over all aspects of the event build, including pricing, performance schedules, seat maps and ticket formats. The system tools are intuitive so event building is easier and less time consuming for staff. Your staff will be able to create and re-use templates which can be copied and altered to make small changes. These new tables are then able to be used to replace existing pricing; seat maps and ticket formats even after events are on sale, giving you flexibility in managing your events.

Full training on all aspects of the event build will be provided during the implementation phase.

An added benefit of using a solution such as enta is that the system is completely controlled by your organisation. You control the solution to set up, use and manage your way, therefore all fees and charges are returned directly to your organisation.

Within enta ; there is the ability to create multiple fees against an event which can be a booking fee or inside charge at the ticket level, transaction fees and cancellation fees. Percentage based payment fees can be created for each payment type which means you will be able to set different fees for Amex and Visa which are calculated on the total basket once the payment type is selected.

Extensive Suite of Reports

enta has an extensive suite of reports which can be customised to suit the customer's needs. Here are just some of the key features:

enta reports are web based and written in Crystal Reports.

  • Reports can be exported in various formats including XLS, PDF, RTF.
  • There are a number of standard reports available in enta with numerous custom reports that have also been written. Some of the more common reports are:
    • Cash Reconciliation,
    • Sales by Transaction Date,
    • Advance Sales – Detailed,
    • Performance Payments,
    • Credit / Debit Card Payments and Payment List,
    • Subscriptions (a suite of reports),
    • Extras,
    • Discount Code Summary,
    • Reservations,
    • Set Aside Seats,
    • Ticket Reconciliation,
    • Daily Comps.

Live reports are easily accessible by authorised staff and even external promoters, by:

  • Reports can be sent via email automatically using Report Scheduler,
  • Live reports can also be accessed through a web browser with an authorised login; and or
  • A graphical Reports Dashboard.

Reports can be customised by you or by the Enta team.


Report data can be exported in a number of formats including XLS or CSV file format, giving you the ability to use external tools to manipulate and interrogate the data. As an example, financial data can be obtained directly from the reports and then uploaded into your designated accounting package. Similarly, other data (marketing lists for example) can be exported for use in third party systems including email marketing tools and advanced data analysis packages.

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