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enta integrates with multiple third party systems to provide a total solution for your business.

Whilst enta provides significant and powerful amounts of functionality out of the box, we also recognise that the complexity of modern business means you sometimes need tools dedicated to particular tasks. So to ensure that you can use "the right tool for the job", we can integrate enta with a range of "best of breed" products to provide holistic solutions for your entire business.

We offer an extensive API, as well as live data feeds, that can be used for bi-directional data communication between enta and your existing CRM, Membership, Financial, and Event Management systems. We have existing, in-house integrations with e-mail platforms, event management and CRM systems.

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enta has enabled a mobile optimised web experience to ensure your customers can buy tickets from their phones and tablet devices wherever they are.

We specialise in mobile responsive, html5 sites. Our ticketing pages are developed using the latest .net framework backend, combined with our customer's preferred front-end.

As an inclusion in your implementation, we provide you with a transactional website and mobile optimised website which matches your organisations, brand, look and feel.


In addition to enta's abundant reporting features, your organisation can also benefit from a "Dashboard Reporting" tool to provide an overview of real-time sales in a simple, graphical format.

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Using enta you can also promote your events and sell tickets from social media such as Facebook, your customers can connect with their friends and share experiences and importantly buy tickets.

enta has the capability to enable ticket sales directly from your Facebook page. It also allows for other social plug-ins to be placed on your website to allow your followers to include information about your venue and events on their social media feeds.

Facebook sales are completely integrated with your enta solution buying directly from availability in real-time.

Various tools are available to allow your Facebook followers to promote your events to their friends and followers. Other Social Media platforms such as Twitter can also be employed as a tool through your website. Enta Australasia will work with your organisation to maximise this benefit.


Organisations both large and small find enta a value for money solution.

Our fees are transparent and cost effective which covers your organisation's ongoing needs, including:

  • Outstanding Local Support,
  • Upgrades with a day's free training,
  • Regular visits and calls from the Enta Support Team providing training and tips and tricks,
  • Ongoing development of the enta solution,
  • Payment Gateway fee,
  • Experience and advice from the experienced and talented Enta Team.

With our cost effective Implementation Fee, we provide:

  • Website transactional pages which are designed and branded in your look and feel,
  • Mobile optimised site in your organisations branding,
  • Full onsite training in all areas of your business,
  • Continued training and as you get set up – we are with you all the way to allow your team to reach autonomy,
  • Payment gateway set up – from the Website to your organisation's bank account.

Enta also offers a range of other integrated products which can reduce your costs, increase your organisation's efficiencies and also provide you with additional revenue streams.

Here is what one customer said...

" enta went live in October 2010, and the system has proved to be a value for money solution , which will allow BASS, the Adelaide Festival Centre and its Home companies to benefit from enta's comprehensive functionality and leading edge development. BASS has already realised business benefits with online subscriptions, packages and memberships, and will be optimising enta's online capability in 2011/12 with select your own seat, product up-selling and cross-selling, and leveraging online patron account data capture to inform audience development initiatives and strategies. It is robust and easy to use with a comprehensive range of marketing, box office and financial reports readily accessible from the enta database, and provides us with in-depth information with which to manage our business, get to know our customers more intimately, and grow our audiences."

Adelaide Festival Centre


The enta Ticketing and CRM solution is a completely integrated product, comprising of multiple modules to allow your organisation to set up and use the solution in the way that best suits you and your customers. Sales, CRM, marketing and donations are all elements contained within the enta solution which can be configured to suit a range of differing requirements.


Enhance your patron's experience and engagement with your organisation and increase your profits with enta's intuitive up-selling and on-selling functionality.

By using the enta's packaging and recommendation features you will be able to up-sell and on-sell to your patrons. They will be given options and prompts to purchase linked products or be provided with recommendations of similar experiences and products to what they have purchased previously.

The incremental sales or micro payments make significant difference to the sustainability and viability of arts and entertainment organisations and enta makes it easy for you to benefit from this key business requirement.


enta is a highly flexible system that accommodates varied business practices. The functionality rich modules can accommodate your organisation's growing business needs – across all areas of your ticketing, development and CRM business.

enta offers the ability to use dynamic pricing, alter seating arrangements - both pre or post live on sale. Users are in control of performances availability, which means the ticketing management team can build performances in the system and decide when they will be available for sale. The real time reporting tool and the ability to add custom reports, which can be tailored to individual business needs, capable on further integration to other third party system through its API.


enta is a highly scalable system that can accommodate the selling tickets, memberships and merchandise from a single venue to multiple venues with complex seating plans.

There are no limitations to the number of users/workstation to access the system, number of white label web sites and the number of simultaneous financial transactions. In terms of infrastructure, enta uses Microsoft SQL database and is fully compatible with hosting from single instance to multi-server SQL cluster platform. White label web sites can be hosted across multiple load balance servers. The box office applications operate on a Windows™ based operating system and are fully compatible to be hosted over Citrix, allowing centralised control of applications and accessibility over the internet.


Enta prides itself on not only having the complete solution; it backs up its quality solution with our team of experts. Our Enta team has vast experience in the ticketing, IT, performing arts, events and entertainment industry. Further our team of experts have many years of experience using enta. The experience and expertise is invaluable to our customers and makes enta a market leader.

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