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enta is the most functionally rich ticketing system available, running on the latest Microsoft products. It is the software and know-how behind many well known names. Markets currently served by enta:

  • Multiple or single venue organisations, large and small
  • Reserved seating, timed admission, or general admission
  • Performing Arts
  • Museums
  • Science and technology centres
  • Attractions
  • Festivals
  • Fairs and trade shows
  • Stadiums
  • Sporting events
  • Corporate hospitality
  • Promoters
  • Artists

Used around the world, enta's rich functionality offers all organisations their complete ticketing solution.

Developed under the direction of industry professionals since 1995, enta places the needs of your business first; featuring advanced functionality, interfacing with the latest technology and by giving you access to extended distribution through multiple sales channels. enta is responsible for selling tens of millions of tickets annually in entertainment organisations around the world.

enta allows venue managers and event promoters to stay in control with comprehensive reporting and high powered marketing tools, seamlessly integrating with your existing office systems for ultimate business flexibility. enta will enable you to increase your box office efficiency using the fast, secure sales process which features graphical seating plans, a choice of seat selections, real-time credit card payments, and captures valuable customer data both at the box office and online.

Whether you are looking for reserved seating, general admission, or timed entry, the enta Ticketing Solution can handle all three flawlessly - even at the same time in the same venue. enta is currently used for running many single and multiple venue organisations, including both multi-venue theatre complexes and dedicated ticketing businesses. enta places the needs of your business first; featuring advanced functionality, interfacing with third party technologies, and by giving you access to extended distribution sales channels.


Enta Australasia Pty. Ltd. was formed in Australia to deliver and support the enta Ticketing Solution for customers throughout Australia, New Zealand and South-East Asia.

Enta Australasia, with offices in Sydney and Brisbane, have a dedicated team that is growing to support our ever expanding customer base. With additional global offices in the UK and North America, the team has a wide range of experience to draw on in meeting a variety of customer business requirements. The enta Ticketing Solution is ideal for performing arts centres, theatres, museums, festivals and any other organisation or event requiring an advanced ticketing solution.

Enta Australasia understands that not every organisation is the same. That is why our products have the flexibility, power, control, agility and support that you need for success. enta offers you the dynamic software you need to advance and manage all of your ticketing, subscription, membership, packaging, CRM, and marketing needs.


Our purpose
  • To succeed by helping our customers to succeed!
We provide
  • The most comprehensive, value for money, leading ticketing solution and associated services.
  • Understanding the market place and our customers' requirements,
  • Providing outstanding solutions,
  • Delivering custom integrations with "Best of Breed" 3rd party solutions.
So that we can
  • Provide an excellent user and customer experience,
  • Instil confidence in our customers and their patrons.
Our values are
  • Understanding,
  • Truth,
  • Commitment,
  • Community.
This is demonstrated by...
  • Our performance and results - We value outcomes. We are focussed on ensuring that our customers enjoy outstanding service and solutions that meet their current and future requirements. Ultimately, we are responsible for our actions and the solution, we hold ourselves accountable and expect quality in everything we do.
  • We care - About our customers and our team, as people and people who thrive on providing outstanding results. We care about their successes and strive to help them when they face challenges. We want to help them be their best.
  • Being open and authentic - By listening and delivering what we say we can do. We don't over promise and under deliver, nor do we undersell ourselves. We strive for honesty in our relationships and we are who we are - people of humility, expertise and sincerity.
  • Creating Solutions - If something seems challenging, then we look for a solution that will solve the requirement.


Enta Australasia is very proud of our partnerships. We have aligned ourselves with some of the most advanced and forward thinking companies who provide complimentary technology that enhances the enta solution.

Since 2005, enta has been and continues to be a Microsoft Certified partner. Enta Australasia currently maintains the Silver Hosting Competency to reflect the skills and experience held to provide our Managed Service solution.
In use by over 700 organisations worldwide, Artifax Event is a comprehensive Venue & Event management system including bookings calendars, contracts, resource management, finances and reporting. Artifax Event is entirely browser-based, and is optimised for mobile devices. Integration between Artifax Event and enta is based on the forthcoming Artifax version 4 Application Programming Interface (API), including synchronisation of contact information, event details and ticket sales.
Partner Lyris  
Lyris empowers you to connect with customers and achieve true ROI, with your choice of on-premises or in-the-cloud email marketing solutions - Lyris HQ, Lyris LM - and full service and support. Lyris' high performance, secure and flexible email marketing platforms provide automated email delivery, robust segmentation and integrated social, mobile, search and analytics, optimizing email efficiency, rounded out by superior customer-focused services and support.
Optimally Managing Patron and Car Access with SKIDATA: SKIDATA Group is a global leader in access solutions and their efficient management. SKIDATA Group is a member of the publicly traded Swiss Kudelski Group, a market leader in digital security solutions. With almost 7,000 SKIDATA installations worldwide (including APAC) in ski resorts, shopping centers, major airports, municipalities, sports stadiums, trade shows and amusement parks SKIDATA offers secure and reliable access solutions for patrons and vehicles.
Enta Australasia has chosen Macquarie Telecom as their preferred hosting solutions partner. Macquarie Telecom's Data Centre, the Intellicentre, provides the highest levels of stability, security and redundancy that we trust to host our Managed Service platform.
Enta Australasia has chosen House of Tickets as their preferred ticket stock supplier and BOCA ticket printer partner. House of Tickets are the authorised sales and service partners for BOCA ticket printers and exclusive suppliers of BOCA's own thermal ticket stock for Australia/New Zealand. House of Tickets also offer other admission products for the Leisure and Entertainment industries.

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