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enta is the most functionally rich ticketing system available, running on the latest Microsoft products. It is the software and know-how behind many well-known names.

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Full Control

enta is about putting you in control of all your ticketing needs and requirements. Even with a managed service solution you have complete access to every component of the enta system meaning you are never reliant on an external 3rd party for your box office and marketing needs.

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enta has been developed with security in mind - passing the stringent Payment Card Industry (PCI) PA-DSS requirements for protecting you and your customers valuable data. enta offers many layers of security, control and delegation, allowing you peace of mind. In addition, our Managed Service option provides hosting in the leading PCI compliant data centre in Macquarie Telecoms Intellicentre based in Sydney.

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Maximise Profits

enta assists you to maximise your organisation’s profits through its’ comprehensive online marketing and box office management functionality. The enta solution includes a complete interface with social media, as well as the ability to maximise yield through the sale of memberships, packages, merchandise and so much more.

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enta is a fully-integrated solution which provides you with the ability to see your patron’s/customer’s entire history with your organisation easily, clearly and concisely. enta’s rich CRM functionality will enable you to have a meaningful understanding of your patrons which will enhance your marketing strategies and activities.

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Worldwide Offices

enta is used globally with offices in Australia, North America and the United Kingdom. There are customers from around the world who collectively sell tens of millions of tickets annually. With the combined experience of the Enta teams and the many local and international customers, you get to benefit from the expertise and experience from all these customers through our development groups.

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Flexible & Scalable

enta is used by a large variety of customers with very different requirements. From small general admission venues selling a handful of tickets, to large ticketing organisations selling millions of tickets across hundreds of venues, enta has the functionality, scalability and flexibility to deliver. We are confident that enta can meet your business needs.

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enta understands that fundraising can be an important part of an organisation’s business, as such, enta has developed a fundraising and donations solution which enables you to easily plan, implement and evaluate your fundraising strategies, activities and campaigns.

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Ease of Use

enta is intuitive, simple to learn and easy to use. Set up events easily with a step by step routine for creating venues, events, pricing and ticket layouts; including the ability to create and use templates, or copy and re-use existing information. You can even make changes to events that are already on sale. Your sales staff will quickly be up and running selling tickets, packages, memberships, subscriptions and more.

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Customisable Solutions

We understand that one size does not fit all and pride ourselves on our ability to customise solutions to best suit your needs. We also recognise that you are likely to have a range of existing systems which you require to run your business. Using enta’s advanced integration technology, we may already be integrated to third party vendors that you are using.

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Memberships and Subscriptions

The enta subscription functionality makes it easy to administer and maintain subscriptions and memberships year after year while integrating seamlessly with regular ticket sales and standard performance plans. Access to subscription sales and functionality can be granted to all users or strictly controlled according to your organisation’s requirements.

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